MSSP Team Attends China-Pakistan Youth Forum for People-to-People Exchanges on Science

President, Vice President and General Secretary attend the “China-Pakistan Youth forum for People-to-People Exchange on Science” held on November 2nd and 3rd of 2022. The forum was organised by the University of Science and Technology, Beijing (USTB) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of China. This forum was organised as the follow-up of the letter written by President Xi Jinping to Pakistani students in China.

Representatives of the Materials Science Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Embassy in China, Pakistan Science Foundation, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Vice-chancellors and top academics from Pakistani universities attended from the Pakistani side. The Chinese side was represented by members from Ministry of Education, China Association for Science and Technology, Vice Chancellor, President and Vice-President of USTB, and Top Academics from Chinese Universities.

A special forum on Materials Science was held and attended by Prof. Wang Luning (USTB), Prof. Lin YunHua (Tsinghua Uni), Prof. Mai Liqiang (WUT), Prof. Cao Wenbin (USTB), Dr. Khurram Shehzad (ZJU), Prof. Zubair Iqbal (ZJUST), Prof. Waheed S Khan (NIBGE), Prof. Aqif Anwar Ch. (COMSATS) amongst others.

The participants from both countries conducted in-depth exchanges on the professional knowledge of materials science, conducting joint projects and sharing resources. This forum has built a platform for Chinese and Pakistani youth to communicate and promote mutual trust, and exchange between the Chinese and Pakistani youth.

Training session for Pakistani students on the use of the most common Materials Science instruments was also held. Functions of the equipment, operating principle, and data acquisition were demonstrated to students. Hands-on practice for the students was also arranged .

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