M/F postdoctoral researcher on ‘Giant Optical Nonlinearities in 2D materials for Far-Infrared Photonics’

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The postdoc will be built around the activities below:
– Development of nonlinear experiments to characterize and understand the nonlinearities of the new quantum devices.
– Compare theoretical and experimental results.
– Carry out new experiences and develop new devices from models
– Prepare scientific articles and participate in congresses and conferences

The postdoctoral position aims to develop a new theme of nonlinear optics in two dimensional materials to realize functionalized, compact and coherent far-infrared (FIR) sources. 2D materials are becoming an important area of scientific interest owing to their unique optical and electronic properties, distinct from bulk materials and conventional semiconductors. This has led to an extensive applicative potential ranging from quantum optics at room temperature to the next generation of ultrafast electronics. However, they have not been exploited for the FIR. In the EXTREME IR project we will use the distinct phonon spectra and extreme nonlinearities in 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) and Dirac matter (DM) to create new optoelectronic sources for the FIR. In particular, we will capitalize on the new phenomena of giant room temperature intra-excitonic nonlinearities and efficient high harmonic generation through plasmonics and resonators, combined with state-of-the-art quantum cascade lasers as optical pump sources, to access and exploit this unexplored electromagnetic region fully for the first time.

This work will be funded by the European Union project EXTREME-IR (“FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking”) coordinated by Sukhdeep Dhillon. The work will be carried out in the LPENS nanoTHz team and will be part of the team’s research activities around the ultrafast and nonlinear properties of optoelectronic devices. The European consortium, of which the CNRS is the coordinator, is made up of 6 partners – CNRS (France), University of Leeds (England), CNR (Italy), EPFL (Switzerland), University of Bielefeld (Germany) and mirSense (high-tech French company specializing in mid-infrared lasers).

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