Multi-sensor/Multi-Scale remote sensing and precision topographic techniques for assessing the effects of Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs) in the framework of the PHUSICOS European Union’s Horizon 2020 Project

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  • Italy

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The purpose of the research grant is to process satellite and drone data, acquired in the visible, near and thermal infrared light, both multi-and hyperspectral, for the identification of impact indicators of Nature-Based Solutions (NBSs). The activities will be carried on in the framework of the European PHUSICOS project (According to nature – solutions to reduce risk in mountain landscapes) Horizon 2020 – Grant agreement n. 776 681). The analysis will include precision topographic surveys to be executed through GNSS and high precision levelling. The research will allow providing valuable warnings on the efficiency of the measures, monitoring their effects with minimally invasive and sustainable surveys. The parameters identification will take place in several steps: analysis of the current state of the areas; identification of sensors type, images and methodologies suitable for the project goals; implementation of image processing procedures; correlation assessment among remotely

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