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recruits…Wang Mingliang Group of Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences/Zhongshan Research Institute
360,000 or more
Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Update on 2021-08-09Number of recruits:1
Job classification:Postdoc
academic area:Chemistry•Materials Medicine Life Science
Job details:Job Responsibilities:

1. Independently complete the research work of the project assigned by the research team leader;

2. Responsible for writing articles on your own topics, independently applying for research projects, and assisting the research team in writing and applying for funds;

3. Assist the research team leader to complete laboratory safety management and postgraduate guidance.

job requirements:

1. Fresh PhD graduates or PhD graduates within 3 years, under 35 years old, major in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry, have a strong interest in medicinal chemistry research, good thinking, subjective initiative, strong independent scientific research ability and good teamwork spirit ;

2. Have published 1-2 SCI papers as the first author, have the ability to independently carry out scientific research projects, and have good writing skills in both Chinese and English;

3. Those who have long-term development intentions in the research group and any of the following research experiences are preferred:

a. Those who have a research background in total organic synthesis and a solid foundation are not limited to the conditions of publishing SCI papers;

b. Have a research background of targeted protein degradation drugs;

c. Working background of a biomedical R&D outsourcing service company.


The annual salary before tax is 360,000 yuan (including basic salary, performance salary and government subsidies), and another 100,000 yuan for government scientific research funds can be applied;

Enjoy five social insurances and one housing fund, transportation subsidies, meal supplements, annual health check-ups and other unit benefits, and enjoy preferential policies for children’s schooling (you can choose to attend a nine-year compulsory public school in Zhongshan City);

Post-doctoral fellows leave the station and stay in Zhongshan Cuiheng New District to work. After buying a house, they can enjoy a government housing subsidy of 500,000 yuan (paid in three years);

Support to participate in various international and domestic conferences and encourage applications for various post-doctoral talent programs. Particularly outstanding people can apply to participate in the Associate Researcher of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

How to apply

1. Please send your resume to:

2. For eligible candidates, interviews will be arranged as soon as possible, and the application materials will not be returned, and the recruiting unit will keep it strictly confidential. This recruitment notice is valid until the job is full.

To apply for this job please visit