Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology-South China University of Technology Joint Training Postdoctoral Recruitment

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Number of recruits:Unlimited
Job classification:Postdoc
academic area:Chemistry•Materials Engineering Technology Environment•Agriculture and Forestry
Job details:Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology-South China University of Technology Joint Training Postdoctoral Recruitment Notice (after tax, over 450,000/year, unlimited quota)

1. Research direction

1. Research and development of aerogel materials and application of water pollution remediation; cellulosic materials; application of microbial enzymes;

2. Not limited to the above research directions (specially welcome doctoral consultations in the molecular simulation computing research direction)

2. Team introduction

The green multi-dimensional environmental functional materials research team of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (leader: Peng Dan) has been committed to the research of cellulose-based environmental functional materials for a long time. The team members all have doctorates at home and abroad and have interdisciplinary backgrounds. The team has sufficient funds for scientific research, has first-class experimental conditions, a wide range of domestic and foreign universities, and related enterprises.

Mentor: Peng Dan, associate professor of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology, Ph.D. graduated from South China University of Technology and Pennsylvania State University. As the first author/corresponding author, he has published more than 20 SCI papers in Internationally renowned journals such as Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Journal of hazardous materials, Bioresource Technology, Chemosphere, Science of the Total Environment, etc.

Supervisor: Dang Zhi, professor of South China University of Technology, doctoral supervisor, leader of the local innovation and entrepreneurship team of Guangdong Special Support Program, and expert of special allowance from the State Council. Presided over 1 national key research and development project, 4 national natural science fund key projects and major international cooperation projects, published more than 600 papers, and his research results won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award (ranked third), the Ministry of Education Natural Science Award 1 The first prize and the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award (ranked first).

Three, treatment

(1) The first year income received 480,000 after tax, and the following year 420,000 received after tax. [Note: Including the post-doctoral living allowance of the Shenzhen and district governments (300,000 after tax each year); household allowance (60,000 after tax, those who move to Shenzhen Longgang for the first time); the school provides an annual salary of 120,000 and pays five insurances in accordance with regulations One gold]

(2) Provide a spacious and comfortable office environment, equipped with independent desks, office chairs, folding beds, desktop computers, etc.

(3) During the station, assist post-doctoral fellows in applying for scientific research projects at all levels (China Postdoctoral Fund, Provincial and Municipal Fund, Youth Fund, etc.), and certain rewards and subsidies will be given to obtain funding.

4. Development prospects

(1) Postdoctoral fellows with outstanding performance will be given priority to be transferred to school teachers after leaving the station (pre-employment long-term appointment system).

(2) The municipal government will grant 300,000 yuan of subsidies to post-doctoral personnel who choose to stay (come) in Shenzhen to engage in scientific research and have signed labor (employment) contracts with enterprises and institutions in this city for more than 3 years. If you come to Longgang out of the station, the Longgang District Government will provide a funding of 300,000 yuan on the basis of the municipal government at a ratio of 1:1, which will be used for outbound post-doctoral research investment.

(3) Outbound postdoctoral fellows who are employed in corresponding positions according to the requirements of Shenzhen Pengcheng Peacock special positions can receive additional corresponding position subsidies (refer to the latest documents for specific standards);

(4) If the post-doctoral talent funding policy is adjusted, the latest document regulations shall prevail.

Five, training methods

1. Joint training: We believe that the institute has a post-doctoral practice innovation base, and post-doctoral students can obtain post-doctorate certificates issued by South China University of Technology.

2. Work location: Shenzhen.

6. Application conditions

1. Possess or is about to obtain a doctorate degree in environmental science and engineering, organic chemistry, materials chemistry, polymer chemistry and other similar majors.

2. Published more than 2 SCI papers.

3. Good at communication and have a good team spirit.

7. How to apply

1. Candidates should send their resumes to their contacts; if you have any questions, you can call for consultation.

Contact: Teacher Peng e-mail:

Address: No. 2188, Longxiang Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen

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