Senior Engineer of Spherical Aberration Electron Microscopy/Suzhou Nano Institute/Annual Salary 45W+

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Update on 2021-08-08Number of recruits:2
Job classification:Postdoc
academic area:Chemistry•Materials Physics
Job details:Topic: Senior Engineer of Spherical Aberration Electron Microscopy/Suzhou Nano Institute/Annual Salary 45W+/Career Establishment


The test and analysis platform of the Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences is mainly to build a large-scale scientific instrument and equipment resource and information sharing system with reasonable layout, open and efficient, and advanced technology. It provides testing, consulting and training services for research institutes and enterprises. The goal is to build a domestic first-class and internationally advanced Test platform. Due to business development needs, we plan to recruit the following personnel:


1. Job title and number:
senior engineer of spherical aberration electron microscope: 2

2. Job responsibilities:


1. Advanced spherical aberration correction scanning transmission electron microscope imaging technology

2. Ultra-high energy resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy

3. Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, with a background in physics, materials or optoelectronics, passion for scientific research, team spirit, good communication and learning ability
2. Yes Good English reading and writing skills
3. Familiar with two-dimensional materials, graphene, carbon nanotube transfer, FIB processing and photoelectric device measurement is preferred

4. Job treatment:
1. Basic salary 45W+, after-tax annual salary not less than 40W, provided Monthly salary + reward performance.

2. Cooperate with well-known foreign universities for research, and actively provide team members with overseas study opportunities


5. Development prospects:

1. Those with outstanding performance will give priority to staying at the job, providing a good development model and talent cultivation space.

2. You can enjoy the preferential purchase of talented housing in Suzhou Park and related policies to assist your children in enrolling

6. Application method:

1. Deadline for registration: Until the recruitment is full.
2. Candidates please send your detailed resume to lxkang2013@, Tel: 0512-62872806, contact person: Teacher Hu, and indicate the application for senior engineer of spherical aberration electron microscope

3. We will notify candidates who have passed the preliminary selection by email or phone to participate in the interview organized by our unit.

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