Fabrication of membrane-electrode assemblies for fuel cells of the type PEMFC based on next-generation functional components

  • Full Time
  • Italy

Website nhussain7766 Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale

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this research will be focused on the use of innovative functional materials to fabricate and optimize membrane-electrode assemblies (MEA). The latter will subsequently be implemented in PEMFC-type fuel cells. This research will cover the entire value chain starting from the formulation and the optimization of inks including innovative functional materials. These latter inks will undergo deposition according to appropriate methodologies, thus creating the “electrocatalytic layers”. Afterwards, the various components of the MEA, comprising: (i) the electrolytic membrane; (ii) the gas diffusion electrodes; and (iii) the electrocatalytic layers will be fused together. The MEA thus obtained will undergo both a physicochemical and an electrochemical characterization, finally determining its performance and durability in single PEMFC under operating conditions.

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