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Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus, Zijingang Campus, Haining Campus
Update on 2021-08-13Number of recruits:Unlimited
Job classification:Postdoc
academic area:Chemistry•Materials Physics Electronic Communication Engineering Technology
Job details:The Exciton Semiconductor Research Center of Zhejiang University (in preparation) is headed by the national distinguished expert Professor Xiaogang Peng. It conducts basic and cutting-edge technology research on exciton semiconductor materials, aiming to solve major problems in the field of energy generation and utilization. Currently, there are four major research directions: (1) Semiconductor nanomaterial synthesis and surface chemistry; (2) Electric-optical conversion applications such as lighting, laser, and electrochemiluminescence biological detection; (3) Solar cells, photodetectors and other light- Electrical conversion applications; (4) Photochemical synthesis and other photo-chemical energy conversion applications. The center is now recruiting people of insight at home and abroad to develop together.

1. Recruitment position: researcher, associate researcher, postdoctoral fellow.

2. Research direction:
1. Material synthesis direction
nanocrystalline synthesis system development, nanocrystalline surface structure characterization and modification, nanocrystalline film formation process research and development.
2. Optoelectronic device direction
Quantum dot optoelectronic device research and development; photoelectric test platform construction and debugging; analysis of experimental data, writing experimental reports, papers and patents; assisting in laboratory construction and daily management.

3. Qualifications:
1. Have obtained a doctorate degree, or will obtain a doctorate degree soon (before registration for this position), be under 35 years old, and be physically and mentally healthy;
2. Have a rigorous scientific research attitude and love science.

4. Salary and treatment: the
salary of researcher is one person for discussion; the annual salary standard of associate researcher refers to post-doctorate; the annual salary standard of post-doctorate: starting salary 300,000/year, including basic annual salary of 250,000/year, assessment bonus 50,000 to 150,000/year.
1. Postdoctoral fellows enjoy the relevant treatments of Zhejiang University subject postdoctoral fellows, and the center provides allowances based on the applicant’s personal circumstances, work performance, etc.;
2. Provides good scientific research conditions and stable scientific research funding support;
3. Can apply for renting teachers’ apartments or Apply for the school’s rental subsidy.

5. Application process:
Interested candidates please send your resume (PDF file, including complete study and work experience, list of academic papers, and full text of representative papers) and future research plans to: (Teacher Qin Haiyan), subject note Specify “Researcher/Associate Researcher/Post-doctorate application-my name”. Those who pass the preliminary selection will be notified by phone or E-mail for online interview or interview in Hangzhou.

6. Work location: The
center is currently located at the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University (No. 38, Zheda Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou), and will move to the Zijingang campus (No. 866, Yuhangtang Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou) in the future. Preliminary work locations may involve one or more of the campuses of Yuquan, Xixi, Haining, etc.

This recruitment information is valid for a long time.

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